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  • Questioning Coding

    Questioning Coding

    Teaching computational thinking simply through questions.

  • Being less helpful

    Being less helpful

    “Why did you become a teacher?” Often the answer is to help people, but is it possible to help too much?

  • Questioning for confusion

    Questioning for confusion

    Maybe we should confuse children more often…

  • “Poke the box”: Questioning Questioning

    “Poke the box”: Questioning Questioning

    Teachers ask up to 400 questions a day– I think we need to question this questioning to make sure it counts. In this video re-recorded from my presentation at TeachMeet Brum I discuss using Seth Godin‘s notion of ‘Poke the box‘ to influence classroom questioning. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgT-ClPWja4]

  • The little things

    A couple of weeks before the end of term I received the results of the optional QCA tests which my class took at the end of May. I thought I was the last person to take too much notice of data produced by testing, but I actually found it really interesting analysing the results, and…

  • Time for reflection

    This evening I attended an extra University session for those of us interested in becoming ‘Maths Specialists’. We ended the session by reflecting on what it was that we believed the William report to mean by ‘deep subject knowledge’ (Williams Report). Whilst our conclusions were fairly vague, a very valuable part of the discussion was…