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  1. […] Oliver Quinlan, a Google certified teacher, has been speaking to Primary NQTs about this and in September 2010, he made a riveting presentation offering a wealth of inspiring examples, from the joy of teachers sharing ideas with internationally famous educationalists on Twitter to the power of online class blogs on pupil affirmation. […]

  2. Chris Butler Avatar
    Chris Butler

    Hi Oliver,

    Having read and enjoyed your blog,twitter, etc for a while, I was just wondering if I might pick your brain.

    I completed my NQT year at Sharmans Cross (just down the road from Robin Hood) where I used blogger to run a class blog. I had some dificulties as Solihull´s internet restrictions were quite strict and so it wasn´t as successful as it could have been.

    In Spetember, after spending this year teaching in Barcelona, I will be teaching year 3/4 and would like to start blogging again. However, I would like to eventually give the children the freedom to actually post and so dictate more of the content. I was thinking of using wordpress this time and was just wondering how you go about this at Robin Hood, as the children would need email addresses. Obviously, there are some safeguarding issues to consider.

    I’ve searched your old blog posts and those of other teachers I follow but have found it difficult to get some definitive instructions.

    I appreciate that you are, no doubt, very busy (such is the profession) but if you could even point me the right direction I would be very grateful.

    Kind regard,

    Chris Butler

  3. […] Oliver Quinlan gave an insight into how Twitter and blogging is being used with PGCE students at Plymouth university. […]

  4. […] I’m currently recruiting schools to take part in these projects in a number of parts of the UK so if you are involved with a school and they have sparked your interest then please get in touch. […]

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