Structuring creativity: Startup Weekend Edu [Video]

The weekend we spent working on ‘The Night Zookeeper‘ at Startup Weekend London Edu have been the start of something exciting. They shifted my mindset in terms of how aspects of education could work, started an exciting venture which is continuing to develop, and began some great friendships along the way.

In 54 hours developers, entrepreneurs and educators were brought together to start a business. This format requires people to get stuck in and make things, learning as they go, and to see creativity as something which in the right conditions can be forced into a short time.

I have just come across the following videos produced by Tap Bang, which do a great job of documenting how the process worked, how developers, entrepreneurs and educators came together to create and learn from each other.

I think there is much we could learn from this process as educators; focus on getting learners making things, mixing up different ages and skill sets, and forcing creativity with the pressure of time and some clever structures. Here are some great memories, which continue to make me think.

Startup Weekend Edu: The process:

The winner’s story:


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