TeachMeet: ‘Real’ relationships still matter

I wrote this piece for a blog on first time experiences at BETT. The format has changed to an interview, so thought I would publish it here.

Last weekend marked my first TeachMeet, having previously dipped into
a few events virtually using their flashmeetings. From seeing the kind
of ideas sharing that goes on at these events I expected to be
inspired by what I saw, and I was not disappointed. What really struck
was the power of the twitter and TeachMeet network, as there were over
200 people attending, and 3 hours of ideas which managed to be both
inspiring and very achievable at the same time. This is a community
fueled by ideas, something of a contrast to the main hall of the BETT
show where it took place.

What struck me after the event was the power of real world
relationships. I was already involved with the twitter community
before TeachMeet, but actually attending and talking at this event
seems to have put me in touch with even more inspiring people, and I
am humbled that I seem to have inspired a few to try class blogging
myself. It just goes to show teaching is all about relationships and
ideas, and that whilst twitter is a fantastic tool for networking, you
also cannot beat the power old fashioned face to face connections.
Ideas and relationships, supported by technology but not consumed by
it; that’s where it’s at.





3 responses to “TeachMeet: ‘Real’ relationships still matter”

  1. Nick Jackson Avatar

    You're right Oliver but time dictates as does distance and Twitter blows away those boundaries for me as well as feeding my lurker tendencies

  2. oliverquinlan Avatar

    That's the power of twitter, the immediacy and asynchrony. Still, reminded me that the face to face still knocks its socks off in terms of impact.

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