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  • Blogging reflections on 2014

    Blogging reflections on 2014

    For the last few years I’ve reflected in detail on the year’s blogging activity and the activities it represents. 2010’s practically focused ‘what did I ship’ when I was a school teacher. 2011’s depiction of transition from school to academia. 2012’s year of doggedly refining and reconstructing my thinking as I developed as an academic. 2013’s…

  • Google Teacher Academy UK: Final Reflection (#gtauk)

    Google Teacher Academy UK: Final Reflection (#gtauk)

    The cliche can’t be avoided, it really does seem like yesterday that I was at Google’s London HQ on the two days of intense learning and information overload that was #gtauk. I have already reflected on the experience of the academy itself, as well as sharing some of the ‘cool technology things I learned’. The…