Who comes to Code Club?

At the Raspberry Pi Foundation I’ve been working on better understanding who we’re reaching with our education programmes. As many of them are run by volunteers and teachers, we have to do some extra work to find out about the young people we are reaching. We’ve just published a report on some of this work involving a sample of Code Clubs from across the West Midlands.

We have information about the areas that Code Clubs across the UK service, but we don’t collect data about individual children, so we wanted to understand whether the attendees at Code Clubs are representative of the communities that their schools serve. We took a sample of school based Code Clubs and visited them to interview the teachers or volunteers about how children get involved in Code Club and how they represent their school community.

It’s just a start, but the initial findings from this sample suggest that Code Club is an opportunity made open to all children regardless of their academic background or what groups from their school community they belong to. We’ll be continuing this work into next year, but have published some early findings over the on the Raspberry Pi Foundation research page.

Who comes to Code Club? Exploring the backgrounds and interests of young people in a sample of Code Clubs






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