4 thoughts on “The legacy of logo”

  1. I’m curious to know what you meant by this:
    “To draw a triangle a child has to experiment with instructions and work out that the angles must add up to 180 degrees.”

    1. Well, if drawing on paper this isn’t necessary, but when drawing a triangle on logo you have to input the exact angles to use – the turns that the turtle makes. Cue many shapes that are almost a triangle but actually three lines not quite meeting at the end. The key that has to be realised to successfully draw a triangle is that all the angles must add up to 180, and therefore each turn must be either 180/3 or one of three numbers that totals 180.

      1. I thought the 180 was a typo.

        Have you used Logo yourself? The angles must add up to 360 degrees, not 180 degrees. This is a key aspect of Turtle Geometry.

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