Interview on The Pi Podcast [Audio]

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 09.51.20It’s six months since I started at the Raspberry Pi Foundation now, and I’ve been working towards lots more clarity in terms of this area of ‘Research’ that I am heading up there. I’m overdue writing an update here on that, but last week I spoke to the team at ‘The Pi Podcast’ about the work I am doing and how it fits in with the mission of the foundation.

I’d been a Raspberry Pi fan and maker of projects for a while before I started working there, but when I did ‘The Pi Podcast’ was one of the sources I used to really get up to speed with the Raspberry Pi Community and all the great things going on within it. I’d recommend a subscription if you are interested in keeping up with all things Raspberry Pi.

Listen to ‘The Pi Podcast’ here.






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