Introducing ‘The Digitally Agile Researcher’


I’m excited to be working with Natalia Kucirkova editing a new book exploring the potential of digital technology for researchers and academics. ‘The Digitally Agile Researcher’ will take a diverse look at how digital, and particularly online, technologies can influence and support the work of researchers.

There is lots said about the potential of online channels for disseminating and sharing research, but less so about the potential for generating research questions, working in collaboration with participants and other academics, collecting data, and bringing it all together into new understanding. This book will tackled the whole research cycle, and bring together some experienced and expert voices on the topic.

We’ve been lucky to be able to persuade a wonderful line up of people to contribute to the book. It’s a diverse field and ranges from people with backgrounds in education, journalism, academia and digital technology. I’m looking forward to reading their ideas, and you can too as we blog about the book as it develops over on its site.

More at, where there are also blog posts to come from many of the contributors.

Edit: The book is available now at





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