Joining Oppi festival of learning in NYC this May

Oppi conference keynoteLast year’s Oppi festival of learning in Helsinki was a fantastic event bringing together educators from across the world to explore the possibilities for learning. This year the festival comes to New York on 15th and 16th May. I’d urge readers in the US to try to join us, and those further afield to take a look at the opportunity to get over and take an international look at education. There are still some tickets here.

Last year I reflected on the rich experiences and discussions from the event over on the Nesta blog, concluding:

Ultimately what Oppi provided was a space outside of the specific pressure educators often face to conform with their own systems or compete against others. Oppi showed itself to be a space to discuss, to think and to learn together.


This year I am privileged to have been asked to join the Oppi crew again, running two sessions, and joining the discussions over the two days.

On the Friday I’ll be ‘Considering the evidence’, leading a session on the impact of technology for learning. I’m excited to be joined for this session by Kevyn Klein from education social platform Edmodo and Kristen Keating-Weeks from education data and adaptive learning company Knewton.

On Saturday, I’ll be looking at the story of Digital Making in the UK, which I explored in my recent publication with Nesta. With my Nesta’s director of digital education Sylvia Lowe, I’ll be exploring how young people in the UK are getting creative with technology and where we see this exciting movement going next.

Take a look at the packed programme over on the Oppi site, it’s full of perspectives and discussions on education from across the world. I’m really looking forward to two days of rich discussions, and my first visit to the USA to find out more about education and learning there. Last year’s Oppi was a really friendly and open event, a great place to make connections and discuss learning in its broadest sense.





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