Education: What are the new stories? – Join my session at DiF

Book pagesDo well in school, go to University, get a degree, get a good job. As Sir Ken Robinson says, this is the story that much of our education system is built on, a story that we have told young people for many years, but one that for many no longer seems to have resonance. So what stories do we tell our young people? Things are moving quickly, but we need models and directions.

On 6th November (between 17.30 and 18.30 GMT) I am running a session as part of the Education strand of the Disruptive Innovation Festival, a new open-access learning festival exploring the future of the economy and emerging opportunities. 6th November also includes sessions from Alan November and Sir Ken Robinson on disruptive innovation in Education. This interactive session invites you to consider and discuss how we set up education to enable young people to become.

We want to pull together the experiences that have most powerfully shaped those attending the festival, so that we can explore how experiences might shape young people today, and how we might start exploring the stories of learning and life that make sense beyond the traditional narrative of school, qualifications and a ‘good job’. Before the session we will be starting the conversation online by asking:

What experience helped you to learn to become who you are today?

Share on twitter with the hashtag #difexperiences, or submit your idea using the form here:

Your contributions will be used to start the discussion as part of the interactive session, so please start sharing and join us on 6th November to discuss and explore where young people’s stories go from here…

For more information and to join in with the session online head over to the DIF website.


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