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Last year I attended the first StartupWeekend Education in the UK, an intense 54 hour event with the challenge of creating an educational business in a weekend. On the 25th January this event once more comes to London in the inspiring surroundings of the Google HQ, and they are looking for teachers and educators to get involved.

StartupWeekend events have been hugely successful in the business and development communities, but it is really important for this event to get those involved in education involved to help shape the ideas into something that would be genuinely useful for learning. At the last event I met lots of really talented people with great ideas, but there was a real need for those with experience of education to help refine these ideas towards making a real difference for learners.

It was great to be able to help some teams with this perspective from my experiences, but I also learned a great deal myself. Entrepreneurs and developers work in a very different way than we do in education, and I blogged after the event about what we might be able to take from this and apply to the classroom. Creating something from scratch in 54 hours is also a big undertaking, and I learned a lot about structuring the creative process from this event, something which has influence how I approach creativity with the students I work with.

I also produced a series of live blog posts throughout the event, which you can read here to get a sense of how the weekend pans out. Having been swept into a team last year, this time I plan to concentrate on getting involved with different teams and further learning from the diverse range of people who attend these events, blogging as I go…

If you are a teacher or educator interested in learning from outside of your usual sector, or if you have an idea for an educational product or business you would like to work on with people with the skills to make it happen, then I would recommend taking a look at this event.

More information on StartupWeekend Education London is here.

Night Zookeeper: The StartupWeekend EDU London Winner’s Story from First Take on Vimeo.





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