ReconsiderEd @LfE 2012 – Cast your votes!

On 17th November the London Festival of Education is bringing together educationalists, teachers, parents, and anyone with a stake (let’s face it that’s all of us) to explore and discuss education now and in the future. 

Alongside all of the experts and educationalists, we want you to have your say on the issues facing education as part of the ReconsiderEd session.

ReconsiderEd will be a space to tap into the opinions and expertise of the attendees of the festival with open discussions on topics chosen by you. Discussions will be captured and published as part of the event, with an emphasis on tackling the issues you care about and distilling them into actions we can take forward to shape education and learning for the future.

Interested parties have been submitting ideas for discussion, and now it is time to vote. Cast your votes below… Whether you can make it to the festival or not, we want your input to make the discussions to be as relevant and topical as possible and will be feeding back our thoughts online during and after the event.

Cast your vote below…





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