There is no ‘they’

Back in 2008 Stephen Heppell left the Handheld Learning conference with a strong message, a message I think is increasingly pertinent for educators, and anyone who interacts in some way with large institutions; so that would be all of us. He compared the education system in the UK to its collapsing financial system, drawing parallels which could be drawn to much of our current society…

There is no ‘they’. The economic system fell over because people were doing the wrong thing, thinking:

“sooner of later if this is really daft, they’ll stop us”.

We were sitting thinking:

“that seems like an awful lot of money to pay for a one bedroom flat on the fifth floor of Docklands looking backwards over an old dock, but if it was really stupid they would stop it”.

There is no ‘they’.

It’s the 21st century, there is only ‘us’.

It is down to us to do.






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