‘Innovation in practice’: Join an ‘On Air’ Discussion #ukcpd4change

Last week Leon Cych began #ukcpd4change; a new initiative to kickstart grassroots CPD discussions using Google’s Hangout On Air allowing realtime video discussions to take place and be captured between large numbers of people. His aim? To grow a network of teachers taking part in discussions reflecting on their own practice to contribute to the building of the field of education by teachers rather than politicians.

This Wednesday (30th May), between 8 and 8.30 pm GMT, I will be leading a half hour discussion on ‘Innovation in practice’. This was sparked by an interview on institutional innovation I listened to on Doug Belshaw’s blog, and in particular a comment by Kevin McLaughlin:

“Some of us can’t be mainstream, can’t follow suit. We like to be different, innovative, push boundaries. Without us the rest would still be staring at the sky waiting for the next lightening bolt to make fire.”

I would like to invite people to come on air and discuss some examples of when they have been innovative in their practice recently, to share the process and the results, and to reflect on why they felt the need to do things differently. Innovation can be big or small, what I am interested in is sharing some reflections on the process, so don’t feel you have to have implemented 100 iPads or totally collapsed the structure of the day to contribute, often meaningful innovation starts much smaller.

Check back here after 7.30pm GMT on Wednesday evening for the link to participate in the hangout, or follow me on twitter where I will announce it this evening. For an introduction to the Google tool, take a look at Leon’s post here.

**The link to the hangout is here**



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One response to “‘Innovation in practice’: Join an ‘On Air’ Discussion #ukcpd4change”

  1. Doug Belshaw Avatar

    I’m going to be at a conference and so unable.to join what I anticipate will be a valuable discussion!

    Oh, and I’m sure my argument about sustaining innovation won’t be reduced to an aunt sally. I was, after all, part of Futurelab’s ‘Teachers as Innovators’ programme when I was in the classroom!

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