How I use an iPhone (May 2011)

Earlier today Doug Belshaw shared the workflows, applications and services he uses on his MacBook Pro. I found this very interesting, and picked up a few new ideas that I will be using on my own Mac.

In response, I would like to share a similar video I have made demonstrating some of the tools I regularly use on my iPhone. From calendars and note taking to reading, research and photography; I am still amazed at the many applications of a smart phone. I hope this video provides some ideas for other iPhone users.



6 responses to “How I use an iPhone (May 2011)”

  1. Simon Ensor Avatar

    Great! what did you use for the screen capture please?

    1. oliverquinlan Avatar

      Thanks for the comment Simon. To do the screen capture I installed Veency on my iPhone (a VNC Server). I used Jolly Fast VNC on the Mac to view it, and recorded the screen using the screen capture function on QuickTime Player in OS X. The iPhone has to be jailbroken for the VNC server to work.

  2. Rob Butler Avatar

    Great video – some good ideas there that transfer to Android too 🙂

    1. oliverquinlan Avatar

      Thanks Rob, glad you found it useful.

  3. daibarnes Avatar

    Thanks Oliver. Nice to get a mention. Jailbreak is a funny thing hey? It is becoming more redundant as Apple catch up. Other jbk things I like are five row keyboard, five icon dock, mywi for getting my iPad online at school, android style lock screen, themes (I use one called suave hd I think). I use intelliscreen as well to preview cal, mail, SMS w/o unlocking although the android lock screen is not compatible with this.

    Heard some talk about there is going to be a charge for jailbreaking at some point. 🙁 Not confirmed. It will prove how worthwhile it is if nothing else.

    1. oliverquinlan Avatar

      That’s OK Dai. Thanks for sharing some more jailbreak apps. I didn’t feel a need to JB my iPhone 4 for ages, but there is always a little thing that tips me over into doing it. scrobbling and sbsettings did it this time.

      I will try out some of those apps, I did try intelliscreen and found it very useful but not great for privacy. Android lock screen sounds great, but is giving me a message that required dependencies or conflicts cannot be automatically fixed. Shame, sounds great!

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