#YearInReview 2010

DHL Vrooom vrooomm… by Eddie Wls

Seth Godin asks, what did you ship this year?

It is easy to measure things like this that you ‘shipped’, but Seth Godin himself wrote in ‘Linchpin‘: “The easier it is to quantify, the less it’s worth.”.

Whilst I do feel that these are good achievements, thinking back it is those little immeasurable things that I value the most. I’ve done a lot of personal development this year, and made many little immeasurable differences in myself and to colleagues, children I work with, and friends; to me that’s what counts the most.

Over the holiday I was reflecting on the year with a Geography teacher friend who trained when I did. This time last year we had a heated debate about how much difference one person could make in teaching, with him highly critical of my apparent idealism. Fast forward a year and he is now Head of Geography and has started a Geography A level course for the first time at his school. I guess a bit of my idealism rubbed off.

Inspiring others to ‘ship’; in this career that has to be the best achievement.






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  1. theheadsoffice Avatar

    You certainly have had a great year Oliver! I have enjoyed sharing some of your achievements virtually. Good luck for 2011!

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