Tuning in to children

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FM Stereo, by Brian Costin

This morning we were writing articles for a class newspaper, based on plans the children created when I was out of the classroom for planning. One girl had planned an excellent story based on a project she is involved in with a theatre group. As we had a lot of children in an out for music workshops the morning took a flexible shape, with small groups going off to interview and gather source material for their articles, whilst others worked on their writing.

During the lesson the same girl came to tell me she was stuck, so I came over to find her struggling to write about our Harvest festival. I asked where her excellent plan had gone and asked her why she had changed her idea, she seemed confused and wasn’t able to tell me why.

“I know why”, I said, “You saw your friends popping out to interview someone and thought ‘I want to get involved with that’. So, you went off with them, joined in with their interview on the harvest, came back and forgot about your plan and started writing and have just realised you don’t know any more of the story to write about because you didn’t plan it.”

“Mr Quinlan”, she said in genuine amazement, “You are the smartest teacher I know; you can read minds! I didn’t know I thought that ’til you said!”.






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    Well done Mr Quilan! It is so interesting how chldren will just follow the crowd even when their work is much better. I do hope she remembers this as there are so many occasions in life when we should stick to our plans!

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      Thanks Julia. You bring up an interesting point I hadn’t thought of in terms of following the crowd.

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