Outside the box

Today my class were making models of animals, the learning being that these animals had to have features that were adapted to a specific habitat. To make these animals I had given each group a small plastic box containing various bits of junk and vegetables and a fact sheet about the habitat it had to live in.

One boy came and asked me if they were allowed to use the plastic box itself. I said that was fine, and admired his ingenuity, but found myself thinking I haven’t got there yet with this class.

I want them to think outside the box without needing to ask permission.






3 responses to “Outside the box”

  1. John McLear Avatar

    Nice Rhinelephant 😛

  2. jfb57 Avatar

    It is still early in the term so there will still be some nervousness from the children. They will stillhave their previous routine in their heads. It will come!

    1. oliverquinlan Avatar

      Thanks, I am sure it will. Just thought it was an interesting point to reflect on my own aims and philosophies. =)

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