Just enough.

Whilst doing some re-wiring of my music equipment the other day I put on a 12″ of the best of James Brown, and this track really stuck out to me, have a listen…

Whilst I’m not really into the rather un-PC sentiment of this song, it is undeniably a classic record. It is by a massive artist, who had the pick of any musician he wanted to play in his band. Therefore the guitarist is undoubtedly a great musician, but listen carefully to what they are playing.

Personally, I think the guitar on this song is brilliant, but for much of the song it is silent, and when it does play it is only the occasional stab of a chord, or a brief splattering of notes. For me that is a large part of what makes it brilliant, it is just enough. Sometimes that really is all you need to do.

I think that is an ethos teachers often forget, in terms of the tasks they set their learners, but more often the workload they place on themselves. Sometimes a few sparse, but perfectly timed and well thought through efforts are all you need for the greatest effect.

Something to remember, I feel, as the hectic pace of a new school year arrives..






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