My Google Teacher Academy Application

This summer Google are expanding their teacher academy from the US and bringing it to the UK. I decided to apply to be a part of it, as it is the collaborative tools that Google (and others) are developing that I feel are the most powerful step forward in educational I.C.T. in recent years.

As part of the application we had to create a one minute video on either ‘Motivation and Learning’ or ‘Classroom Innovation’. As I have written before, I am conflicted about the value of pushing technology for exclusively motivational purposes, so I chose ‘Classroom Innovation’ as my topic. Rather than provide a long list of general innovations I have been involved with, or provide a statement of values that would be difficult to quantify, I decided to be very specific in my focus. My video attempts to detail in one minute how I use Google Docs to facilitate personalised learning in my teaching of writing to my year 4 class. I hope I have achieved a balance between showing the practical and technical side of how this is achieved, and the pedagogical thinking behind its value to learning.

There are only 50 places at this event, and no doubt there will be people applying with many times my experience (it wouldn’t be hard to beat 12 months!). However, I hope I can show that I am innovative and driven to make a difference to education beyond my own classroom to manage to secure a place.

Comments on the video are very welcome!


I heard this week that I got a place, and will be heading down to google HQ in about a month. Thanks to everyone who has watched the video or tweeted about this application. I’m really looking forward to learning from the whole experience.

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