TeachMeet Birmingham: Primary Edition

Just a quick update to let people know about a TeachMeet I am helping to organise: TeachMeet Birmingham: Primary Edition . Since attending TeachMeet BETT 2010, my colleagues have been really interested by my reports of what an inspiring event it was, the links I have made as a result of my talk on blogging, and the ideas I have discovered as a result.

For those that are not aware, TeachMeets are informal meetings where teachers can present and share their practice and ideas. They are fantastic events for CPD and gathering inspirational ideas for your practice. The format is probably best explained by Tim and Moby from BrainPOP:


Our event will be taking place in Robin Hood Primary School in Hall Green, Birmingham. We are hoping to get together lots of teachers from Birmingham and the West Midlands to discuss Primary practice. We have found the discussions between our staff and those of nearby schools surrounding our MA in New Technologies really valuable, and would like to cast the net wider in sharing effective practice and ideas with other local educators. Whilst TeachMeets are often technologically focused, we are keen to share practice in any area, and it would be great to have some ‘non-techy’ presentations. Therefore, it would be great if people could share the Facebook event link with any non-tweeting teachers to get them involved.

Having presented at My first TeachMeet at BETT I cannot over-emphasise how rewarding and developing it is to share practice with others in this way. I would urge anyone in the area who is interested in pushing their practice forward to jump right it, sign up and give a presentation. Your subject need not be groundbreaking- what you take for granted will be new learning for others. Just pick something you are passionate about, or that has some impact on your class or school, and start sharing!






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