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QuinlearningaI usually spend first thing on Sunday morning reading through the excellent set of curated links and articles provided by Doug Belshaw in his ‘Things we learned this week‘ newsletter, and Audrey Watters in ‘Hack Education‘. It’s a nice way to start the day and they often (actually mostly) share things I’d have never seen otherwise.

I’m always finding interesting things in my meanderings across the web as well, so I thought I’d start a newsletter to share some of them each week. Actually, Doug Belshaw told me I should, and I’ve been meaning to follow his lead since the first round of his newsletter years ago.

So here it is, the Quinlearning newsletter. Each week to your inbox, a selection of interesting articles and my thoughts on them, covering the worlds of learning, digital and ideas.

Quinlearning newsletter – Subscribe here

I really enjoyed putting together the first issue, and after a few shouts on facebook and twitter over the last 24 hours it’s already picked up over 100 subscribers… not bad!

Can’t make up your mind..? You can take a peek at the first issue here… don’t forget to sign up if you like it, and it will drop into your inbox each week.

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