5 thoughts on “(Not) Starting from experience”

  1. The best teaching we had on the PGCE was when the lecturer ‘taught’ on every level : using questioning techniques to unpick our thoughts, plenaries to draw out learning, content to challenge our preconceptions or make us check misconceptions of our own.

  2. Oliver, you’re making makes me think of andragogy (adult leaning), aspects of which need to sit beside pedagogical practices – yes, even in primary classrooms. Social Ecology (moved from Social Sciences to Education at UWS http://www.zulenet.com/see/chair.html and http://www.uws.edu.au/future-students/postgraduate/postgraduate/postgraduate_courses/social_science_courses/arts_social_ecology) speaks of the same issues in our education systems.

    I like you’re thinking and focus move.

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