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  • “Poke the box”: Questioning Questioning

    “Poke the box”: Questioning Questioning

    Teachers ask up to 400 questions a day– I think we need to question this questioning to make sure it counts. In this video re-recorded from my presentation at TeachMeet Brum I discuss using Seth Godin‘s notion of ‘Poke the box‘ to influence classroom questioning. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgT-ClPWja4]

  • TeachMeet Brum #tmbrum

    TeachMeet Brum #tmbrum

    This evening saw teachers and educational tweeters descend on Paganel Primary School at the invitation of Steve Philps for TeachMeet Brum. As ever, there were a range of presentations from demonstrations of exciting tools for the classroom, to sharing of successful projects with learners of many ages. I was live blogging and live streaming the…