• Trainees tweeting

    Trainees tweeting

    Joining the professional community from day one.

  • Keynote at the University of Plymouth #onandup

    Keynote at the University of Plymouth #onandup

    Reflecting on my presentation to final year ITT students.

  • Measuring up

    Measuring up

    Some thoughts on comparing your practice to that of other teachers.

  • #pgcetips: Teaching Style

    #pgcetips: Teaching Style

    This is the first of two articles I have written for Tim Handley’s #pgcetips project. The project involved crowdsourcing a book providing tips and advice for PGCE students, and can be downloaded for free from his site. Lots of the book was straightforward, practical advice for trainees, so I opted to write articles that were…

  • Reviewing my NQT year

    It has, without a doubt, been a whirlwind of a year. I have to come out and say that if I thought the PGCE was hard work, I hadn’t seen anything compared to what I have faced this year. Now, I wouldn’t claim that to be a typical NQT experience, but then I have never…

  • PGCE to NQT: Some reflections

    A few weeks ago the time came to teach my year 4 class a Science unit on forces, the same unit which comprised the first lessons I taught as a PGCE student. I remembered these lessons fondly; looking back they seemed a model of teaching when I had a huge amount of time to spend…

  • Moving forward

    So I thought it was time for a run down of where I am at at the moment, and the issues and directions this blog is likely to take. Around a week ago I completed my PGCE course, and I have been meaning to write some reflections on the course as a whole