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  • How can we enable meaningful independent learning?

    How can we enable meaningful independent learning?

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  • Can we ‘unplan’ the KS2 curriculum?

    In my transition from PGCE student to NQT one of the big changes I have had to get to grips with is that of going from producing Osfted style lesson plans for every lesson, to a real world situation where time is at a premium and less detail is possible. In the last few weeks…

  • Scaffolding negotiated projects

    This year at our school we have been working on implementing negotiated learning in Key Stage 2. For the past few years our school has been introducing the use of curriculum content negotiated with the children from the Foundation stage up, and this approach has this year been introduced in Year 2. Further up the…

  • Sentence writing with pictures

    In the last few weeks I have been discussing IEP targets with children in my class (Year 4). A number of them have targets relating to writing simple sentences, and had been set targets last year to have regular practice writing sentences to go with pictures they were given. This struck me as a good…