Weeknote 9th Jan 2015




  • Beginning 2015 with some planning for upcoming work over the next few months.
  • Finalising and commissioning surveys to collect data from young people, parents and teachers for a report I am writing on the current state of opportunities across the UK for young people to get involved in ‘Digital Making’.
  • Reviewing the existing literature for the above.
  • Writing a specification for some research I am commissioning for another project.
  • Catching up with progress on the Remote Tutoring RCT we are running for EEF with both Third Space Learning and York Trials Unit. It’s all progressing well and the children are getting started on their second term of extra Maths tuition while we implement plans for data collection. 
  • Writing up case studies I conducted last year as part of my Flipped Learning project. I’m off up to York next week to meet with colleagues and NFER and being to bring some shape to the outputs of this research.
  • Attending the ETAG meeting to discuss the draft of the report and recommendations to ministers.
  • Planning an internal Nesta workshop exploring approaches to ‘Experimental Government’.


Is the next big thing in Ed Tech a business model? – Nesta blog

Programming a new generation of digital makers – Nesta blog (not this week, but in case you missed it over the break)

I’ve also been running a reader survey over on my blog, if you read it please taken 5 mins to contribute.

Next week I’ll be continuing the Flipped Learning write up, visiting NFER in York, and heading to Birmingham on the Saturday for the College of Teaching consultation meeting.






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