Weeknote 8th July 2016

This week I have been:

  • Getting started on some new work developing a Theory of Change structure for some of our work.
  • Finishing off the Creative Technologists programme evaluation report – it’s ready for review by others finally and then potentially some redrafting.
  • Talking about research partnerships with our new Senior Partnerships Manager at Raspberry Pi, Krupali.
  • Finishing off the Certified Educators’ survey, arranging for the prize draw to take place as a thank you to those completing it, and getting started on some analysis after identifying the priority areas the education team need more insight and information on.
  • Analysing the strategy we used for getting responses to that survey. It was really successful, with a 60% response rate, and interesting to see which aspects of the activities we carried out influenced that more or less. I’ll write something up about this soon.
  • Catching up on reading some journal papers I’ve had on my reading list for ages, including a fascinating one on neo-Piagetian levels of development linked to the skills of novice programmers.
  • Visiting Sheffield for the Computing as a Family Experience and Code Make Win digital making projects and competitions celebration event. It was great to return to my university town and to hear from some talented young people who have achieved great things in digital making. There are some great things happening in Sheffield in this area.
  • Getting back into using Trello to organise my day to day work week, partly so I can share tasks with colleagues.
  • Catching up on travel and expenses admin and a backlog of emails.






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