Weeknote 8th August 2014




  • Catching up within email, appointments and other post week off tasks.
  • Finishing an article for a forthcoming book on the potential (and challenges) of technology in the classroom.
  • Meeting with the education team several times as we are in planning mode on a few projects at the moment.
  • Planning and building a Theory of Change for ongoing work on technology in schools.
  • Exploring ideas for education policy asks for the next election.
  • Planning for a future project that is developing.
  • Meeting with the EEF to update on our projects funded by them.
  • Brainstorming ideas for areas of promise in education technology that need trialling (I did this as a collaborative document so if you have anything to add please do so here).


The Thinking Teacher blog posts are continuing to grow, with two more during my week off and two this week considering ideas such as regulation in education, ‘minimum viable lessons’, what teachers can learn from computer scientists and whether we have got the way we think about learning totally wrong as a metaphor…

This weekend I have committed to finishing the first draft of my research project on undergraduate student teachers blogging communities that has been going on for ages and needs to be done.

Next week is mainly more planning and meetings about scoping new work, but I’m hoping to get some more writing done and blog posts that have been simmering for a while published.






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