Weeknote 8/4/2016

This week I have been:

  • Looking into initial teacher education in Computing in England.
  • Meeting Sue Sentance to talk about the work Computing At School are doing, and the developing field of research in computing education in the UK.
  • Redrafting my review of grant funding that has happened at the Raspberry Pi Foundation for our trustees.
  • Discussing the research strategy for the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the CEO and adapting based on his very helpful advice.
  • Sadly taking some time out for a family funeral.
  • Final checking and approving the design for the Raspberry Pi Foundation Annual Review 2015 which I have produced. It will be published really soon.
  • Writing up analysis of some focus group work I did as part of the evaluation of the Creative Technologists programme for young people.
  • Getting started on some information sharing work as part of the research strategy.

I’m off now to Germany for a few days to visit my family who live in the Mosel valley. A great excuse for some offline time in German wine country!






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