Weeknote 6th May 2016

I had two days off at the start of this week, one for the UK bank holiday and one in return for working all weekend the week before. It’s made the three day week seem quite hectic, always hard for me to realise I can’t get as much done in a 3 day week as a 5 day one!

This week I have been:

  • Translating the Raspberry Pi Research Strategy I have drafted into something of a work plan. I’ll share the first iteration of the strategy soon.
  • Putting together my objectives for my annual review process.
  • Voting in the local elections, including for the London Mayor.
  • Developing our thinking on the training we do for teachers at RPF. We’d discussed the objectives of the work we are already doing, and it’s opened up so obvious gaps of where we could develop things next.
  • Preparing for a talk I’m doing to an exciting event in Lebanon celebrating some great work young people have done with Raspberry Pi computers.
  • Creating a survey for collecting information from the participants in the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists programme as part of the evaluation I’m doing with Creative Producer Rachel Rayns.
  • Meeting with Code Club and the Behavioural Insights team about the first ideas for the experimental trials we are going to run with them.
  • Moving all my websites over to Reclaim Hosting. I mostly did this as I was sick of the poor service on the clearly overloaded shared server I was using before. Reclaim cam recommended, and I’d second that- they were so helpful at migrating all my websites for me seamlessly, despite the fact the server they were on was creaking to a halt. Best service I’ve had from any company for quite some time, and a refreshing change to the poorly trained call center operatives I was dealing with from the last hosting company.
  • Putting together issue 43 of the Quinlearning newsletter. Subscribe here!






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