Weeknote 4/3/2016

This week I have been…
  • Visiting Cambridge Science Centre and hearing about their work on Astronomy using Raspberry Pi computers. They have a great ‘hands on’ science lab at their centre in Cambridge I’d encourage anyone with children to visit, and also take their interactive experiments out to schools and community venues.
  • Planning for evaluation of our Creative Technologists programme, which has supported young people with developing their technical and creative skills.
  • Writing up my review of the Raspberry Pi Education Grant Fund, and learning lots about work that has happened all over the world as a result. I’ve also been analysing the activities and looking for lessons we should learn about both success and challenges for education programmes.
  • Meeting some of the candidates for RPF’s new Director of Operations role.
  • Preparing a talk on digital making for the Raspberry Pi 4th birthday part taking place this weekend.
This weekend I’m at the Raspberry Pi 4th birthday party all weekend. Then, later in the week, I’m off to Texas for the South by Southwest Create conference. Around that I’m aiming to work on codifying a research strategy for the foundation and developing my work on a knowledge base on digital making and computing education.






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