Weeknote 30th June 2016

This week I have been:

  • Finishing off the evaluation report for the Creative Technologists programme at Raspberry Pi.
  • Starting to plan for a strategy project at Raspberry Pi I’m going to be responsible for… a bit cryptic for now but more will be revealed soon!
  • Encouraging the last few Raspberry Pi Certified Educators to complete our annual survey. If you happen to be one please do it here before Monday! There’s some really interesting feedback, and we already got over 50% response rate on it, which is incredible. I’ll write something on the blog soon about my approach to this.
  • Reviewing the evaluation report for the big EEF Funded random controlled trial I managed when at Nesta. It will be published tomorrow…
  • Catching up with the Behavioural Insights Team who have been running a trial for us to improve response rates to the regular Code Club feedback surveys. They’ve done a great job so far and we’ve learned some interesting approaches that seem to work well.
  • Meeting with the new Operations team at Raspberry Pi, which Research forms part of.  A great team of colleagues I’m looking forward to working with more.
  • Booking lots of travel for the next few weeks.
  • Taking Friday off for a break and the weekend to finish off some music I’ve been working on.






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