Weeknote 29/1/2016

After a hectic week at BETT last week this one should have been quieter, yet it feels like it has flown by almost as quickly. It’s been a good one though, with lots more getting to know my colleagues and the work at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

This week I’ve been:

  • Taking time out on Monday as I was working at the weekend. I relaxed and caught up on ‘life admin’.
  • Meeting with lots of colleagues at the Raspberry Pi Foundation to talk about their work. I’m writing the annual review for the charity for 2015, so I’ve been making sure I understand all aspects of the work and the impact it has had. Inevitably the conversations have also turned a little to the future, and it’s been great to also gain an understanding of where things are headed next.
  • Working from the Code Club office in Bethnal Green, and meeting more of the team there. I spent the day in the office and joined a team lunch. There is a lot of synergy between our two teams, I’ll be working with them both and they have both been equally welcoming and supportive.
  • Analysing some data for Code Club and talking about evaluations and gathering even more information to grow our understanding of how well Code Clubs are working across the world.
  • Dining with the newest cohort on the Emerge Ed Tech accelerator in London. I’ve been keeping in touch with their work for a couple of years now. It was good to meet some of the startup founders on their latest cohort, and to catch up with some of their mentors and supporters.
  • Writing for the annual review. It’s been a while since I booted up Scrivener, but whenever I start to use it for a project I remember what a great tool it is.
  • Organisation for a contribution to the Picademy teacher training events happening in Manchester, including sorting out some travel.
  • Packing up the Raspberry Pi Foundation office. We are moving over this weekend to a very nice new premises right next to Cambridge train station. I didn’t have too much to pack myself, but lent a hand retrieving a satellite dish and a weather station from the roof amongst other things.

Next week we’ve got the big office unpacking and an all staff meet up day with the Foundation and Code Club. I’ll be focusing on getting as much of the writing and production as possible for the annual review around this.






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