Weeknote 27th May 2016

This week I have been:

  • Sending out the latest Quinlearning newsletter, which this week had a music & tech theme. Read old issues and sign up for new ones here.
  • Meeting with Eliane Metne from Lebanon who has been doing some amazing work with Raspberry Pis and young people in schools across the country.
  • Teaching Python and physical computing at a special Picademy. It was special as it was a Raspberry Pi Foundation ‘all staff’ day, so I was teaching colleagues from Code Club, Operations, and other teams how to get hands on with electronics and Python programming.
  • Visiting the STEM fair at Evendon’s Primary School. An amazing day, full of inspiration and hands on learning for children from many local schools. Everything from programming to gutting fish was covered the inspirational teachers and volunteers from local businesses. It was also great to catch up with teacher Megan Douglas, who was one of my students at Plymouth, and see her clearly thriving and making a huge difference to children at the school. A proud moment for me!
  • Analysing feedback from the Creative Technologists programme. One of my next big priorities is doing the evaluation report for this programme.
  • Catching up with Third Space Learning, Nesta and the EEF. The report of the ed tech random controlled trial I led for Nesta is nearly ready, so we are just discussing the outcomes and how it is reported ahead of the publication.
  • Putting together some surveys for both Raspberry Pi Certified Educators and some other groups to help inform planning of new projects. I’m fascinated to dig deeper with the 700 teachers my colleagues have trained and find out what makes a Raspberry Pi teacher tick.
  • Planning for the next Skycademy session for educators to get skills up in launching high altitude balloons with their students. Specifically I’ve been looking at the strategy of the programme with James Robinson who runs it, and building in ways of us getting richer information and better understanding of its impact. Educators can apply to get involved here.

Next week it’s a bank holiday in the UK, then I’m continuing with work on surveys, data gathering, and evaluations in progress, as well as some strategic planning for the next phase of RPF teacher training. Then the following weekend I’ll be doing my best man duties at my brother’s wedding… so this weekend I’d better get speech writing…






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