Weeknote 27th June 2014

It’s been a busy week with a lot of meetings, planning and co-ordinating data collection and arrangements for projects in schools before they break up for the summer. I’ve learned lots this week and found out about some really interesting things people are working on.


This week I’ve been in London.


  • Contributing to the Education Technology Action Group general meeting, which I blogged about here.
  • Learning about the work Nesta has been doing looking at accelerator programmes. We have meetings once a week called ‘Content & Craft’ where we learn about methods people have been using to run their projects, or the findings and insights they have come to, it’s a great way of keeping everyone up to date and learning in a very diverse organisation.
  • Analysing the findings from our Flipped Learning study, and writing a report with some preliminary findings for the Scottish Government.
  • Meeting the team putting together Project42, an interesting summer school for children in London.
  • Taking part in the Education Fast Forward debate through twitter and watching online. 
  • Meeting with researchers from the Open University to hear about their work exploring the impact of technology on reading and use of books in young children.
  • Meeting with The Social Learning Network, and hearing about Spiral, an interesting looking tool for augmenting and accelerating whole class teaching using smart phones.
  • Planning for the final weeks of the current ‘Visible Classroom’ trial, organising to catch up with teachers’ final feedback and record some testimonial videos before the end of term.
  • Organising arrangements for our Remote Tutoring trial with Third Space Learning and York Trials Unit.
  • Meeting with TutorFair to hear about how the tutoring platform is developing, and the work they are doing to bring many diverse and talented tutors together.

Writing this week

Education Technology Action Group #etag

Building what matters – On understanding the effect we have

My book, ‘The Thinking Teacher’ also came out in Apple iBooks format this week, to complement the paperback and Kindle versions already available. More here






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