Weeknote 26/2/2016

More of a ‘working away on things’ week this week…

This week I’ve been:

  • Blogging some thoughts on role models.
  • Catching up with Raspberry Pi Programmes team on the work they are doing to engage young people in computing through lots of interests and contexts.
  • Planning for the Raspberry Pi birthday party event next weekend and a trip to Austin, USA for SXSW Create.
  • Supporting the Education team with some prep for the first Picademy USA happening this week, mostly by looking at questionnaires and data collection and thinking about how we best understand the impact of the events.
  • Making plans for Raspberry Pi Foundation research and where it should develop.
  • Reading and analysing lots and lots of grant reports from the Raspberry Pi Education Fund, which I am doing a bit of an overview of (in reality, this has been the majority of my time this week).
  • Writing my Quinlearning newsletter (sign up here!).

Next week I’m continuing analysing grant documents, building up to the Pi 4th birthday party at the weekend, and getting started on planning some research into the programmes that we are running at the moment.






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