Weeknote 25th July 2014




  • Catching up with my old colleague Professor Andy Phippen and hearing about his current research into young people’s online behaviour.
  • Pulling together all of the finances for The Visible Classroom project as it draws to a close.
  • Contributing to various internal Nesta discussions and plans developing the way we work in the Digital Education team.
  • Planning an event related to one of my project to be announced soon.
  • Attending a get together for TutorFair tutors at Mind Candy and hearing about the new ‘PopJam’ social network for children that MC have launched.
  • Attending the launch of the UK Digital Skills Taskforce report into digital skills. The report is available online here.
  • Writing some blog posts and an article for a book to be announced soon.
  • Meeting colleagues in Nesta’s policy and research team to discuss my experiments in schools and how they might contribute to policy work.


The Thinking Teacher: Best practice or next practice? – The latest post on my book exploring how we think about innovation in teaching practice.

Exploring impact & evidence for learning with technology – A video of a keynote I delivered remotely for the UNICEF Education Innovation conference a few weeks ago.

An Edtech evidence testbed – Publishing a Nesta policy proposal I co-wrote for moving forward use of technology in schools.

Next week I’ve got a week off so things will be quiet around here.






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