Weeknote 22nd August 2014

I missed this last week… the historian in me wants to bring the documentation up to date.. the pragmatist in me says life moves on so quickly, on with the present…




  • Reporting on the progress of our RCT into Remote Tutoring to the funders, EEF/
  • Planning for a session at the online ‘Disruptive Innovation Festival’. I’m privileged to be leading an interactive session following on from talks by Alan November and Sir Ken Robinson… more details soon.
  • Organising a round table event on STEM skills.
  • Continuing to develop plans for the Nesta Digital Education strategy for the next 12 months, including a new project that is developing.
  • Meeting (albeit virtually) with Maureen from Khan Academy and exploring how our trial of Flipped Learning links with their work.
  • Demoing Edukit, a new platform for matching schools with programmes for social development. I was impressed with the ambition and the implementation of what they are doing.
  • Discussing some exciting research that is developing into class blogging in UK schools.
  • Discussing the UK Digital Skills Task force report and next steps with Maggie Philbin.


A quiet one this week, with just this update post on the current state of my research projects.

Next week I have a big week of writing planned, some blog posts I’ve been meaning to get out for a while, and proposals for new pieces of work. But first… the bank holiday weekend including a festival and checking out the Notting Hill Carnival…






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