Weeknote 22/1/2016

A slightly delayed weeknote this week… as the week was rather full at BETT 2016.

Last week I:

  • Read a lot of reports of grants pulling together the work that has been done the last few years for a review.
  • Learned the ins and outs of the rear wheel mechanism and gearing of my Brompton bike due to a puncture…
  • Helped set up the Raspberry Pi and Code Club stands for BETT. Attending the exhibition pre-opening is an interesting insight into the world of stand building.
  • Represented the Raspberry Pi Foundation on the stand at BETT. I spoke to so many educators, parents, young people and community members about their enthusiasm for what we are doing. It was great to get lots of feedback, including the challenges some people face in getting physical computing going in their schools. There were lots of take-aways for me that I will be digesting this week. It was also great to work alongside the ever enthusiastic team at the Foundation. I was really impressed with the back-to-back workshops my colleagues (and some wonderful volunteers and friends) delivered. Attendees went from zero-to-programming in just a few minutes.
  • Meeting lots of people at BETT. It was great to catch up in my new role, and to see all the familiar faces at the TeachEat event. This is becoming one of those yearly traditions that comes around again frighteningly fast.
  • Visiting stands of some great friends and interesting Ed Tech developments. I particularly enjoyed Night Zookeeper’s stand with virtual reality writing provocations, Curiscope’s augmented reality learning tools, and Pi-Top’s laptop and desktop solutions for Raspberry Pi.
  • Cycling back and forth to Excel most days. I had some beautiful early morning starts complete with frozen rivers and sun rises. I also got pretty fit with all that riding.

This week I’m back in the office for our last week in the current location, before we move to the new Pi Towers. I’ll be working on the annual report for the Raspberry Pi Foundation most of this week, with a trip to Code Club in London on Thursday.






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