Weeknote 21st October 2022 – Processing evidence and learning from the community

This week I’ve mainly been working to understand the needs around sending additional documents or evidence with forms on GOV.UK. This is in preparation for some exploratory research I plan to run on understanding the needs of people who process forms and how some solutions we’ve been discussing involving uploading files to online forms could work.

It’s one of those processes of taking something quite ambiguous to me, but that many people currently and in the past have thought a lot about, and trying to figure out what needs doing next.

I’ve also been working with designers on following up on all the things we learned from the big batch of research rounds that we finished off last week. It’s good to collaborate and feed in what we know about the users and their needs directly into the planning of features.

I’ve been doing some forward planning for the rest of our Private Beta. This has been feeding into the roadmap, but also figuring out what the best way to plan for research is for the next chapter of our work.

There’s been a few events and sessions with the research community across GDS this week. They’ve looked at use of statistical methods in UX research, continuous research, and using some specific products from providers we work with. I’m enjoying the way things work here of being part of a discipline community whilst working on a multi disciplinary team.

The rest of the week has been planning and refining things for future sprints.

I’m off this evening to the Science Museum’s Sci Fi exhibition, then I might do some DIY and particularly painting over the weekend. Despite finishing most of our renovation earlier this year there always seems to be some further jobs. My threshold for seeing things unfinished periodically seems to lower and I need to get them done to feel like things are that bit more done.






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