Weeknote 1st June 2022

Writing on a Wednesday as it’s a very short work week here in the UK due to the extended public holiday for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Short one for the second week at GDS, but plenty going on this week including…

  • Visiting the GDS office for the first time. Visiting the office used to mean a cycle then a decent train journey London to Cambridge. Now it’s just down the road really, which is nice. I haven’t sorted out things to cycle in just yet, not least my bike which just had to have a very expensive service after neglecting it for too long. It’s back with me now in the best condition it’s ever been, so just need to sort out access to bike sheds and suchlike at the office.
  • Rounding off all my onboarding to the Civil Service. I think I’ve got pretty much all the general stuff done now, so I managed to…
  • Get more in depth with GOV.UK forms, getting up to speed with the background and strategy of the project, the research that has been done so far, and what’s been built to test.
  • Planning a round of usability testing with people who have specific access needs. We’re aiming to do this next week so moving things quickly before the long weekend to get what’s needed in place to run a couple of days of remote tests/interviews.

Outside of the main job I managed to spend a bit of time working on new music for Synth Soundscapes early one morning this week before work. I’m running about 6 weeks ahead at the moment with the weekly publishing schedule, so plenty of time to experiment a bit and try out some new composition and sound design approaches.

Next week I am looking forward to getting started with usability testing with some real users. I’m also really looking forward to meeting the whole GOV.UK forms team as we are having a meet up on Tuesday in the London office.






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