Weeknote 19th February 2016

Another week, another belated weeknote… Fridays are just not the optimal day for stopping and reflecting.

This week I:

  • Attended Picademy in Manchester. This is a two day training event for educators run by my colleagues at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It’s aimed at developing skills in teaching computing and digital making, and takes a project based approach. Lots of the activities involve Raspberry Pi computers, but many don’t, using cross platform tools like Python, Scratch and Sonic Pi. I met lots of enthusiastic educators and learned a lot about programming. We spent a whole day working on projects to apply what we had learned, which is one of those things that happens so rarely in teacher CP. I think it’s hugely important to make the time for this though, and I’ve left with lots of thoughts on how we can continue to develop this work. Thanks to everyone involved for creating a great experience for all of us attending!
  • Largely finished the annual report for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, at least in terms of content. Now it’s over to the designers to work their magic.
  • Starting planning for Raspberry Pi Foundation research. After a few weeks getting to know everything and getting stuck in, I’ve been thinking about the strategy to take for the research that is the main focus of my job.
  • Booking travel & applying for a fast track passport. I’ll be off to South by Southwest Create in Texas in a few weeks to represent the foundation. I hadn’t planned to travel out of the EU for a while so my passport was nearing it’s end, cue a long wait in the passport office in London to get a new one in a week instead of the usual three.
  • Taking part in our ongoing curriculum review. There are lots of great resources on raspberrypi.org, and the Education team are currently working on the next stage of bringing it all together into a curriculum for computing and digital making. It’s fascinating working through all the possible content and ideas, and a welcome challenge to think through how we structure learning whilst maintaining the DIY, project based ethos of Raspberry Pi.

Next week is less travel and more work on plans for research.






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