Weeknote 18th June 2016

This week I have been:

  • Launching the survey of the Raspberry Pi Certified Educators. I’m gathering more data from all 700 of them, well as many as are kind enough to return the survey. I want to find out more about them, how we could support them even better, and what impact the training they had from my colleagues has had. 
  • Visiting Eastwood Academy, where Computing teacher Lucas Abbot and his colleagues and students made me very welcome. They are doing some great work with Computing and digital making, including Raspberry Pi computers. Blog post on it all soon. 
  • Continuing training development discussions at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I can’t say too much about the details of what we are planning yet, but it’s good to be able to feed in what we know from research in teacher professional development into the process of planning some developments of existing work and some new things. 
  • Writing the Creative Technologists programme evaluation report, one of those tasks I keep having to fit in around other things. I was hoping to get it done next week but another time sensitive task that’s come in might prevent that. 
  • Attending the Roehampton Festival of Computing. This was a great new event covering all aspects of Computing as a school subject, mixing the ICT and Dogital Literacy with the Computer Science. Lots of sessions got me thinking about unplugged computing, BASIC, bridging different types of programming for learners and Coding as a tool across the curriculum.
  • Attending the Computing At School national conference, which was another buzzing event at which I learned a lot. I enjoyed hearing the latest iteration of Conrad Wolfram’s take on the direction of mathematics education, a workshop on the Wolfram programming language, and hearing from teacher-researchers on their projects in schools. Sue Sentance also gave a great presentation on the research into various aspects of Computing education, I always learn something from her packed presentations and go away with lots to consider further. 
  • Briefly deleting my Twitter account. It was a straw that broke the camel’s back really- I’m just tired of Edu-Twitter as a space for bickering. I quickly reinstated it though, re-energised by the positivity of the community at the CAS conference. I’ll just using the block function a bit more judiciously in future I think. 

Next week I’ve got a big survey we’ve done of digital making for teenagers to analyse, a blog post on Eastwood Academy to finish and a trip to the Wellington College Festival of Education where I’ll be speaking about digital making and the work we are doing at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. 






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