Weeknote 18th July 2014


Brighton, Hampshire, Dudley, London


  • At the weekend I was involved in running Ed Invent Brighton, a workshop and hack day for educators to develop Ed Tech ideas. This will feed in to a Startup Weekend in Brighton in the Autumn to bring some of these ideas to life. It was a great weekend, with such enthusiasm from everyone involved. The NightZookeeper team wrote up proceedings here.
  • Pulling together insights from the first stage of my Flipped Learning trial in Scottish schools to feed into  report.
  • Taking a day off for the wedding of some friends on Tuesday in Hampshire.
  • Filming testimonial videos with teachers who have taken part in The Visible Classroom project in Dudley and London.
  • Attending the Nesta 16th birthday party celebrations.
  • Finishing off admin related to The Visible Classroom project which came to an end in schools this week.
  • Writing blog posts for the TES and Nesta (links below).


The Thinking Teacher: The futility of utility

The Thinking Teacher: Technology as a mirror

The Thinking Teacher: Quantifying learning

Three posts from my series on ideas from my book, The Thinking Teacher.

‘Teachers need not fear the new Computing curriculum’, TES Blogs

A post for the TES in response to Nesta’s survey on teacher confidence.

Computing resources for teachers, Nesta blogs

A collection of resources to support teachers with the new curriculum.






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