Weeknote 17th June 2022

This week has been all about my first round of usability testing in my new job at GDS.

I started the week with a further 4 sessions with users with a range of accessibility needs, looking at how they approach using the tool we’re building for people to create forms on GOV.UK. It’s always really interesting getting things in front of users and seeing how they use them. We had lots of really useful feedback.

It’s also great to be working with people who value getting involved in research, and I had lots of colleagues joining me on the calls.

We then ran some analysis sessions, pulled all the findings together and shared across the team in a playback session this afternoon.

It’s been a pretty quick turnaround, and it’s nice to be working on this sort of thing at pace after having been focused on some much longer term individual projects towards the end of my time in my last job. In the end we had 6 interview sessions of about 8 hours total, analysis, and reporting, all wrapped up in about 10 days.

Alongside this I’ve been getting to know my new team better. I’m in a multi disciplinary team working on GOV.UK Forms, but there is also a whole community of User Researchers in GDS, so I’ve also been getting to know them and attending user research workshops and meetings. I’ve already been able to draw on some support from other researchers for this accessibility testing. One of the things I was looking for when I decided to make a job move was somewhere that I could learn from other people as much as possible and continue to develop as a researcher, so it’s great to feel like I am in that position.

I’ve also appreciated being pretty much focused on a single piece of work at a time, after a long time juggling a lot of different projects. All in all, a positive week where I feel like I’ve really got stuck in to my new role.

It’s a short week for me next week, as I am off to Glastonbury festival on Wednesday. The weekend will be packing, preparing, and figuring out which bands I’m aiming to catch on clashfinder.






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