Weeknote 1/4/2016

This week I have been:

  • Having Monday off for the bank holiday, visiting the National Gallery and going out for a nice lunch at Zedel in London.
  • Developing personas with the RPF education team of target audiences for our teacher training work so we can continue to develop how it is targeted and what it delivers.
  • Creating a tool for developing skills of colleagues in designing questionnaires to give them the most useful evaluation data possible. Although I have a fair amount of experience with making questionnaires myself, turning this into a usable tool for others is proving more challenging than I expected.
  • Attending the Gadget Show Live, and supporting my colleagues delivering a workshop there and talking to the audience. As a consumer show it was quite different to the education events I am used to.
  • Refining the strategy for research at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I’ve written pages, it’s how I think, but now I’m distilling it into a succinct document that is readable and useful for everyone.
  • Putting the finishing touches to the RPF Annual Review Publication that is coming out very soon.
It’s felt like a hectic week of only four days, and the next few won’t be any less so with various family things that are happening for me.






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