Weeknote 13th May 2022

Taking another stab at writing these weeknotes, as I always find Doug’s very interesting and I thought once again it would be nice to keep the record of what I have been up to.

I finished my job a couple of weeks ago, and while things come together for what I am doing next I have been picking up a bunch of projects I have been meaning to do for some time.

This week I…

  • Caught up on lots of DIY, painting things, filling cracks in plaster, tidying up our garden and having some new glass fitted in our bathroom windows. We’ve been renovating our house since we moved in a year ago. Although most things were done some time ago, there is always that list of finishing off bits to do. I’ve been trying to get through that list.
  • Cycled up to Walthamstow Wetlands to meet my ex colleague Maria who led Code Club and latterly was MD at Raspberry Pi Foundation. We had a good catch up about all the coaching she is doing now, and my plans for the future. It’s nice to keep in touch with people I’ve worked with, and through the various restrictions when we were all working at home I met up with Maria and others quite a few times at the wetlands, that were completely renovated in the last few years. I discovered a nice new route of paths on my bike on the way up that connected Stratford Olympic Park and Walthamstow marshes in my mental map.
  • Continued with my re-booted newsletter at oliverquinlan.substack.com. It’s a completely different format to my old one, much more reflective writing, but it’s encouraging to see that my existing list of readers seem to be reading it in good numbers. Sign up here if you aren’t already!
  • Experimenting with some lighting, cameras and such as I am considering starting another YouTube channel (in addition to my ambient music channel). I’ll keep you posted on that…
  • Reading a bunch of books that I have been meaning to delve into for ages, including some user centered design classics and the fifth book of the Dune series that I started re-reading back in cDecember when the film came out (and reading beyond book 2 which is as far as I got before).

Next week I have some things to do to continue the DIY, I want to spend lots more time catching up on reading, and probably continue with the writing and the YouTube experimentation. Looks like I’m going to be back to work the following week so keen to make the most of the week.






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  1. Doug Belshaw Avatar

    Glad you’ve re-started your weeknotes! Looking forward to the new YouTube channel 🙂

    1. admin Avatar


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