Weeknote 13th June 2014


This week I have been in London, mostly in the Nesta office, but out on Thursday at Queensbridge Primary School in Hackney.


  • Writing up the notes and interview recordings from my Flipped Learning school visits in Scotland last week. Amazing how long this can take, but well worth it from what I’m learning about how this has been working in school.
  • Organising invoices and budgetary aspects of my EEF projects.
  • Meeting Nesta soon to be new Director covering Digital Education Sylvia Lowe, joining us from Comic Relief. We had a great team meeting reviewing all the work we are doing and getting to know everyone.
  • Meeting the Social Business Trust who are undertaking a Nesta supported project to explore how interventions are procured by schools. They are looking for schools to run short interviews with and there is more information here.
  • Meeting with several businesses who are developing products and services for education and discussing educational outcomes and how they might approach evidence and build in evaluation and measurement to their ventures.
  • Training teachers at Queensbridge Primary School in Hackney who are jointing the final phase of our Visible Classroom project.
  • Submitting a policy proposal to the ETAG group set up by ministers to explore future directions in learning technology.
  • Judging on the panel for the ALT ‘Learning Technologist of the Year’ award, it was great to spend a day hearing about innovative, exciting projects and more importantly great to see the focus of so many people on the impact the projects they have run have had on learners. 
  • Writing on my blog on a great book on learning spaces published by students I used to work with, and my experience with using the ‘Theory of Change’ structure in education.

Next week I am moving forward with the analysis and reporting on the Flipped Learning project, continuing to support Visible Classroom schools, a visit to a very innovative school, meeting with NFER and planning next steps for my new project in development.






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